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Saara-Maria PAKKINEN

Saara-Maria PAKKINEN, First Deputy Speaker of the Eduskunta.


  • PAKKINEN, Saara-Maria was born on October 4, 1941 in Pori, Finland. Daughter of Viljo Vihtori Yli-Kerttula and Elvi Maria Yli-Kerttula (née Pekkonen).

  • Education

    • Pori, Graduate of Commercial College, 1962. Spoken languages: Finnish, Swedish, English.


    • Member, Tuusula Municipal Council, 1973. Chairman, Social Affairs Committee, Ibid., 1973-1980 and Vice-Chairman, 1981-1983. Member of Eduskunta, 1979.

      Member, Central Committee, Central Association, of Nuoret Kotkat, 1978 and Chairman, 1981. Chairman, 1985 International Year of the Youth Committee. Professional career: Clerical Assistant, National Board of Public Roads and Waterways, 1962-1967.

      Office Administrator, Association, of Civil Servants, National Board of Public Roads and Waterways, 1967-1971. Organisation Secretary, Helsinki Local Government Officers and Clerical Employees Registered Association, 1971-1975. Editor, Ahjo, and Metal Workers’ Union.

      Chairperson, STETE 1975.


    Party affiliation: Finnish Social Democratic Party





    Children all over the world, foreign policy, international affairs.


    • [{"type":"father","name":"Viljo Vihtori Yli-Kerttula"},{"type":"mother","name":"Elvi Maria Yli-Kerttula (née Pekkonen)"},{"type":"spouse","name":"Rauli Pertti Paakkinen"}]
    • father: Viljo Vihtori Yli-Kerttula
    • mother: Elvi Maria Yli-Kerttula (née Pekkonen)
    • spouse: Rauli Pertti Paakkinen
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    Born October 4, 1941