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Baroness Norah Phillips PHILLIPS

Baroness Norah Phillips PHILLIPS, Member of the House of Lords.


  • PHILLIPS, Baroness Norah Phillips was born on August 12, 1910. Daughter of William Lusher.

  • Education

    • Marist Convent; Hampton Training College.


    • Member, House of Lords, 1964. A Baroness-in-Waiting. Government Whip, 1965-1970.

      Member. Home Office Standing Committee on Crime Prevention, Consumer Forum. Formerly, Her Majesty Lord Lieut, of Greater London, 1978-1985. Professional career: Director, Association, for the Prevention of Theft in Shops.

      President, National Association, of Women’s Clubs, Inst, of Shops, Health and Safety Acts Administration. Keep Fit Association, Association, for Research into Restricted Growth, International Professional Security Association. Preretirement, Vice-President, National Chamber of Trade, Fair Play for Children, National Association, for Maternal and Child Welfare, Employment Fellowship.

      Formerly member, Advertising Standards Authority, British Standards Institute, Council of Europe, National Consumer Council, Women’s National Commission, Snowdon Working Party.


    Party affiliation: Labour Party




    • [{"type":"father","name":"William Lusher"},{"type":"spouse","name":"Morgan Phillips"}]
    • father: William Lusher
    • spouse: Morgan Phillips
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    Born August 12, 1910