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Annemarie RENGER

Annemarie RENGER, German Vice President of the Bundestag. honorary vicepresident, European Union Germany; honorary member of presiding board, German Council of the European Movement; honorary president. Central Committee of Democratic Resistance Fighters and Organisations of Persecuted Persons.


  • RENGER, Annemarie was born on October 7, 1919 in Leipzig. Daughter of Fritz Wildung and Martha (nee Scholz) Wildung.

  • Education

    • Secondary school for girls.


    • Chairman, Kurt Schumacher Society. Chairman, German Helsinki Human Rights Committee. Private secretary of Doctor Kurt Schumacher, 1945-1952.

      Head of office. Executive Committee, SPD Berlin, 1946. Member of advisory council, Council of Europe and Western European Union, 1959-1966. Parly, secretary, SPD parly, group, 1969-1972.

      Member of Executive Committee, SPD parly, group. Pres, of Bundestag, 1972-1976. Member of presiding and Executive Committee, SPD, until 1973.

      Chairman, federal women’s Committee, SPD, until 1973. Vice-President of Bundestag, since 1976. Chairman, German-Israeli group of parliamentarians, since 1976.

      Federal Member of Parliament, party list of Nordrhein-Westfalen. Member of control commission, SPD, 1979-1986. Professional career: publishing apprenticeship.

      Publishing salesperson. Member of Gewerkschaft Handel, Banken und Versicherungen (HBV, Trade Union for Commerce, Banks and Insurance).



    Bundestag since 1953. SPD since 1945; Presidium 1961-1973. For ten years of advisory assembly of European Council and Assembly of West European Union.


    • Married 1st Emil Renger in 1938 (killed in 2nd World War), one son. Married 2nd Aleksandar Renger-Lonfarevic in 1965 (died in 1973).
    • father: Fritz Wildung
    • mother: Martha (nee Scholz) Wildung
    • spouses: Emil Renger
    • Aleksandar Renger-Lonfarevic
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    Born October 7, 1919


    Anastasiya Shalkevich

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