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Johanna SCHICKER, Austrian Member of the Bundesrat.


  • SCHICKER, Johanna was born on May 15, 1943 in Bruck an der Mur.

  • Education

    • secondary school; commercial school


    • District councillor, Niklasdorf, since 1975. Deputy Mayoress of Niklasdorf, since 1985. Sent to Bundesrat from Steiermark Provincial Assembly, member of Bundesrat, since 1986.

      Secretary to Bundesrat. Professional career: industrial employee, Brigl and Bergmeister Joint Stock Company, since 1960, and Chief secretary, since 1966. Chief secretary, Leykam Mürztaler Joint Stock Company, since 1976.

      Secretary, SPö district organisation, Leoben, since 1984.
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    Born March 15, 1943
    (age 74)