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Maria SEDLAKOVA, Member of the Slovak National Council. For Outstanding Work, 1962; Prize of the City of Bratislava, 1951; Czechoslovak Journalists’ Prize, 1964.


  • SEDLAKOVA, Maria was born on August 6, 1922 in Sered, Galanta district.

  • Education

    • Intermediate school, Sered. Central Party School of Central Committee, CP of Slovakia, 1952-1953. Dept, of Journalism, Komensky University, Bratislava.


    • Founding Member, CP CSSR Gozinarov. Member, Disciplinary Board of Czechoslovak Journalists' Union (SCSN), 1951-1954. Chairperson, Pravda CP of Slovakia Organisation, 1951-1959.

      Member, Presidium, Central Committee of Czechoslovak Journalists’ Union, 1954-1957. Chairperson, Presov Regional Publishing House, 195450. Member, Central Council of TUs, 1955-1959.

      Member, Central Committee, SCSN, 1959. Member, West Slovak Regional Committee, CP of Slovakia, since 1960. Member, Executive Committee, West Slovak Regional Committee of CP of Slovakia, 1964-1966.

      Member, People's Control Commission, Slovak National Council, 1964. Member, CP CSSR Central Committee, 1968, Member, Secretariat, 1968. Member, Rehabilitation Commission, 1968.

      Member, Political Commission, CP CSSR, Central Committee for Prepartion of XIV Extraordinary Congress, 1968. Minister of Labour and Social Welfare, SSR, 1969-1983. Professional career: farm worker.

      Construction worker; editor, Pravda, Bratislava, 1949-1968, chief editor, 1968-1969.



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    Born August 6, 1922