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Hon. Margaret Kerslake SHIELDS

Hon. Margaret SHIELDS, Member of New Zealand Labour Party Policy Council. Winston Churchill Fellow, 1971. Member, Labour Women’s Council; Vice-President, Socialist International Women; New Zealand Sociological Association.


  • SHIELDS, Hon. Margaret was born on December 18, 1941 in Wellington, New Zealand. Daughter of Blake (Ernest Blake) Porter and Dorothy B. Porter.

  • Education

    • Victoria University, social science, 1973. Spoken languages: English, working knowledge of French.


    • Co-founder, National Secretary and President, Society for Research on Women, 1966-1970. Co-covener of 2nd United Women’s Convention, 1975. Delegate, United Nations International Women’s Year Conference, Mexico, 1975.

      Labour Party candidate for Karori, 1975. Member, New Zealand Executive, 1975-1978. President, Labour Women’s Council, 1974-1975 and 1977-1978.

      Member, Wellington Hospital Board, 1977-1980. Labour Parly, candidate for Kapiti, 1978. Member, Policy Council, 1979-1982.

      Elected to Parliament for Kapiti, 1981-1984. Minister of Customs, 1984-1987. Associate Minister of Housing.

      Re-elected for Kapiti, 1984-1987. New Zealand’s first Minister of Consumer Affairs, 1984-1987. Senior research and executive officer for the Department of Statistics.

      Re-elected for Kapiti, 1987-1990. Minister of Women’s Affairs, 1987-1990. Minister of Statistics, 198790.

      Minister of Consumer Affairs, 1987-1990. Minister of Customs, 1988-1989. Associate Minister of Education, 1989-1990.

      Minister responsible for the National Library, 1990. Member: Social Equity Cabinet Committee, Honours Appointments Cabinet Committee. Travel Cabinet Committee.

      Legislation Cabinet Committee. Retired from Parliament, 1990, currently Member, Labour Party Policy Council, 199093. Professional career: housewife and part time student before entering politics.

      Nine years in the New Zealand Dept, of Statistics and Research Officer, New Zealand Consumers Inst.


    Party affiliation: Labour Party


    Member, Labour Women’s Council. Vice-President, Socialist International Women. New Zealand Sociological Association.
    • Member, Labour Women's Council; Vice president, Socialist International Women; New Zealand Sociological Association



    Recreations: tennis, tramping, ski-ing, music, drama.


    • Married Patrick John Shields in 1960.
    • spouse: Patrick John Shields
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    Born December 18, 1941
    (age 75)



    Anastasiya Shalkevich

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