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Patsy TAKEMOTO MINK, Member of the House of Representatives. American Association, for United Nations; NAACP; Hawaii Association, to Help Retarded Children; Rural and University Young Women’s Christian Association; Planned Parenthood; National Women’s Law Centre; Public Citizen.


  • TAKEMOTO MINK, Patsy was born on December 6, 1927 in Maui, Hawaii, United States. Daughter of Mitama Takemoto and Suematsu Takemoto.

  • Education

    • University of Hawaii, Bachelor of Arts, 1948. Chicago Law School, Deputy Lieutenant, 1951.


    • Charter President, Young Domocrats, Oahu, 195456. State President, Young Democrats,, Hawaii, 1956-1958. Hawaii State Representative, 1956-1958.

      National Vice-President, National Young Democrats, 1957-1959. Hawaii State Senator, 1958-1959 and 1962-1964. Member of House of Reps, for Hawaii, 1965-1977.

      Secretary, 89th Democrat Congressional Club, 1965-1977. Member, Congressmen for Peace Through Law, 1965-1967. Chairwoman, United States-China Committee, 1969-1971.

      Member, Foreign Policy-World Order Committee. Vice-President, Democratic Study Group, 1967-1971 and 1975-1977. Vice-Chairwoman, Task Force on Education, 1971.

      Member, Congressional Reform Task Force, 1971. Member, Advisory Committee on State-Urban Relations, Council of State Govts., 1968. Member, Commission on Rules Review, Democrat National Convention, 1969-1971.

      American Council, Young Political Leaders, 1969-1971. National Advisory Board, National Movement for the Student Vote, 1971. Vice-President, American Democratic Action, 1973-1977, President, 1978-1981.

      Delegate, Democrat National Convention, 1960, 1972 and 1980. Member, Credentials Committee, 1980. Delegate, Democrat National Mid-Term Conference, 1974.

      Assistant Secretary-of-State for Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs, 1977-1978. Member, Honolulu City Council, 1983-1987, Chairwoman, 1983-1985. Professional career: lecturer, University of Hawaii, 1952-1956, 1959-1962 and 1979-1981.

      Attorney-at-law, 1953-1965.


    Party affiliation: Democratic Party




    American Association, for United Nations. NAACP; Hawaii Association, to Help Retarded Children. Rural and University Young Women’s Christian Association.

    Planned Parenthood; National Women’s Law Centre. Public Citizen.


    • [{"type":"father","name":"Mitama Takemoto"},{"type":"mother","name":"Suematsu Takemoto"},{"type":"spouse","name":"John Francis Mink"}]
    • father: Mitama Takemoto
    • mother: Suematsu Takemoto
    • spouse: John Francis Mink
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    Born December 6, 1927