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Maria Bahia Peixoto VALADAO

Maria Bahia Peixoto VALADAO, Brazilian Federal Deputy.


  • VALADAO, Maria Bahia Peixoto was born on August 19, 1931 in Anicuns, Goiás. Daughter of Moysés Pereira Peixoto and Agripina Bahia Peixoto.

  • Education

    • Catholic University of Goiás, Goiania, law, 1966-1970. Studies in the United States of America of the North American penitential system, 1973.


    • Delegate to UNICEF as Pres, of the State Committee for International Children's Year, 1980. Special mission to Europe in the interests of the state of Goiás, 1981. State Co-ordianator for Community Development, Ministry of the Interior, Goiania, 1981.

      Federal Deputy for Goiás, 1991-1995. Professional career: lawyer.


    Party affiliation: Social Democratic Party


    • [{"type":"father","name":"Moysés Pereira Peixoto"},{"type":"mother","name":"Agripina Bahia Peixoto"},{"type":"spouse","name":"Ary Ribeiro Valadao"}]
    • father: Moysés Pereira Peixoto
    • mother: Agripina Bahia Peixoto
    • spouse: Ary Ribeiro Valadao
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    Born August 19, 1931