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Monique VÉZINA

Monique VEZINA, Canadian politician. Board of directors, Rimouski Chamber of Commerce, Society immobiliere du Quebec; Superior Council of Education.


  • VÉZINA, Monique was born in July 1935 in Rimouski.

  • Career

    • Former Chairperson, Commission of Secondary Education. Former Member, Superior Council of Education. Minister for External Relations, 1984-1986.

      Minister of Supply and Services, 1986-1987. Minister of State for Transport, 1987-1988. Minister of State for Employment and Immigration, since 1988.

      Minister of State for Senior Citizens, since 1988. Professional career: Director and Chairperson, Federation of Popular Banks, Desjardins du Bas Saint-Laurent, then Secretary and Director. Chairperson, Gérardin-Vaillancourt Foundation.

      Member, Board of Directors, Rimouski Chamber of Commerce. Member, Board of Directors, Society Immobilière de Quebec. Former Vice-President, Society of Automobile Insurance Companies of Quebec.


    Party affiliation: Progressive Conservatives


    Board of directors, Rimouski Chamber of Commerce, Society immobiliere du Quebec. Superior Council of Education.
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    Born July, 1935


    Olga Borisik

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