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Saud ben Saad AL-DURAIB

Saud ben Saad AL-DURAIB, Legal Adviser, Ministry of Justice.


  • AL-DURAIB, Saud ben Saad was born in 1937.

  • Education

    • Master of Arts. (IslamicJurisprudence and Principles).


    • Took up clerical and secretarial work. Bureau Manager for DirectorGeneral, Bureau Manager for Undersecretary, Ministry of Justice. Former member of Board for the Settlement of Commercial Disputes.

      Member of Al Dawa Islamic Press Organization, Riyadh. Attended the Sixth AntiNarcotic Conference, Riyadh, Conference on the Function of the University. Legal Adviser, Ministry of Justice.


    • Books: Al Muamalatil Masrafyyah Wa Mawaqif Al Shariatil Islamizati Minha (Banking Transactions in the Light of Islamic Law), Al Sharikat Fi Fiqhil Islami Wal Qanoun Al Wadhie (Companies as Viewed by Islamic Jurisprudence and Temporal Law: A Comparative Jurisprudential Study), Mohamad ben Abdul Wahab, Hamil Rayatil Islam Fil Qarnil Thani Ashar (Mohamad ben Abdul Wahab, Bearer of the Banner of Islam During the Twelfth Century). Several contributions to local press. Lectures delivered in King Abdulaziz University, Mecca Branch.


    The Prophet Muhammad (God bless him and give him peace) was the final messenger and his Law represents the ultimate manifestation of the divine mercy.

    Denomination: Sunni muslim

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    Born 1937