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Ibrahim Al- Gadhi AL-MOHAMAD

Ibrahim Al- Gadhi AL-MOHAMAD, Deputy Minister of Information for Administrative Affairs.


  • AL-MOHAMAD, Ibrahim Al- Gadhi was born on November 13, 1934.

  • Education

    • Bachelor of Arts (Sociology), Faculty of Arts, Cairo University.


    • Administrative Manager of Directorate of Education until 1955. Secretary-General of Saudi Cultural Office in Cairo until 1964. Director of Foreign Missions, Ministry of Education until 1966.

      Cultural Attache to Iran, Turkey, Pakistan until 1968. Cultural Artache to Iraq and Kuwait until 1971. Assistant Director-General of Administration, Ministry of Education.

      Cultural Attache to Federal Republic of Germany. Cultural Attache to Lebanon. Deputy Minister of Information for Administrative Affairs.


    In order to ensure the preservation of human life, Allah set rules for healthy eating and living, and forbid the taking of life and suicide.

    Denomination: Sunni muslim

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    Born November 13, 1934