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Mrs. Amina Abdullah Sourur AL-SABBAN

Mrs. Amina Abdullah Sourur AL-SABBAN, former school teacher.


  • AL-SABBAN, Mrs. Amina Abdullah Sourur was born in 1946 in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

  • Education

    • Master of Arts. (Economics), Bachelor of Science (Commerce), Riyadh University (Economics and Political Science).


    • Schoolmistress 1968-1970. School administrative staff 1970-1972. Deputy Headmistress of 5th Girls’ Intermediate School, Mecca, 1973-1974.

      Chairman of Founding Committee and Deputy Chairman of Board, Umul Qura Women’s Charity Society, Mecca. Participated in many cultural and social enterprises conducted by the society. Former school teacher.


    The true meaning of Jihad is not conquering other people, but having the internal spiritual struggle.

    Denomination: Sunni muslim

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    Born 1946
    (age 71)