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Mohamad Mahmoud AL-SAWWAF

Mohamad Mahmoud AL-SAWWAF, Adviser to the Ministry of Education. Knight of the Most Excellent Order of Merit, awarded by Head of the Government of Comoro Islands.


  • AL-SAWWAF, Mohamad Mahmoud was born in 1915.

  • Education

    • LL.M. (Islamic Law), A1 Azhar University, Cairo.


    • Teacher of Arabic and Islamic Religion, Primary Schools. Lecturer, Faculty of Sharia, Baghdad. Inspector of Mosques, Endowments General Directorate.

      Professor, Faculty of Sharia, Mecca. Member of Constituent Congress of Muslim World League. Member of Executive Bureau of Muslim World Congress, Karachi.

      Member of Permanent Bureau, General Congress on the Palestine Question, Amman, Jordan. Member of Supreme Advisory Council, Islamic University, Medina. Worked for 5 years as Special Envoy of late H.M. King Faisal.

      Adviser to the Ministry of Education.


    • Nida’ Ul Islam (The Call of Islam). Sawtu’l Islam (The Voice of Islam). Al Muslimoon Wa Islam Al Falak (Muslims and Astronomy), Al Mukhatat Al Isti'mariyyah, Li Mukafahat Al Islam (Anti-Islamic Imperialist Schemes).

      Ma'rakatu4 Islam Aw Waqai’ una Fi Filistine Bayna Al Amsi Wal Tawm (The Battle of Islam, or the Incidents of Palestine Yesterday and Today). ТаЧеетиЧ Solah (Prayer teaching). Al Siyam Fi4 Islam (Fasting in Islam).

      Zawjati Nabiyyi'l Tahirat (The Prophet’s Immaculate Wives). Rihlati Ila Al Diyari Islamiyyah. Afriqia Al Muslimah (My Journeys into Islamic Countries
    • Muslim Africa).


    The aim of Islamic Law is to promote human welfare that is based on the fulfillment of necessities, needs, and comforts.

    Denomination: Sunni muslim

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    Born 1915