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Matthew Calbraith Butler

Matthew Calbraith BUTLER, General, lawyer, military, businessman.


  • BUTLER, Matthew Calbraith was born on March 8, 1836 in Greenville, South Carolina, United States, United States. Son of Dr. William Butler and his wife Jane Tweedy (Perry).

  • Education

    • Educated South Carolina. college, 1853-1856, leaving in junior year.


    • Admitted to South Carolina. bar, 1856. Practiced at Edgefield Court House. Elected to legislature, 1859.

      Served in C.S.A., captain to major general, losing right leg at battle of Brandy Station, June 9, 1863. Elected to South Carolina. legislature, 1866. United States senator from South Carolina., 1877-1889.

      Democrat; appointed major general United States vols. for service in Spanish-American war, May 28, 1898. After war sent on committee with Admiral Sampson and General Wade, United States of America, to assist Spanish governor in evacuating Island of Cuba to be turned over to Cuban government. Resigned commission President Mexican Mining and Exploration Co.


    Stands for preserving slavery, states' rights, and political liberty for whites. Every individual state is sovereign, even to the point of secession.

    Party affiliation: Democrat. Secessionist


    "Peculiar institution" of slavery was not only expedient but also ordained by God and upheld in Holy Scripture.


    • Married February 21, 1858, Maria Simkins Pickens.
    • father: Doctor Williams Butler
    • mother: Jane T. (Perry) Butler
    • spouse: February 21
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    Died 1909
    (aged 72)


    Olga Borisik

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