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Robert Emmett Rodes

Robert Emmett Rodes, American army officer.


  • RODES, Robert Emmett was born on March 29, 1829 in Liberty, Bedford County, Virginia, United States, United States. Son of General David Rodes and his wife Martha (Yancey).

  • Education

    • Graduate Virginia Military Institute, 1848.


    • Became civil engineer, 1851. Chief engineer N.E. & S.W. Alabama R.R., 1858. Captain Mobile (Alabama) Cadets, 1861.

      Volunteered, became colonel 5th Alabama Infantry, 1861. Commissioned brigadier general in Manassas campaign, 1861. Commanded brigade at Battle of Fair Oaks (Virginia).

      Served in Battle of Gaines’ Mill. Fought at battles of Bloody Lane, Antietam. Given command of Daniel Hill’s division, 1863.

      With Stonewall Jackson led van of flank march at Battle of Chancellorsville. Appointed major general, 1863. Served in Battle of Gettysburg.

      Stopped Union advance in Battle of Wilderness, 1864. In action at Battle of Spotsylvania. Took part in raid Washington, Distric.


    Stands for preserving slavery, states' rights, and political liberty for whites. Every individual state is sovereign, even to the point of secession.


    "Peculiar institution" of slavery was not only expedient but also ordained by God and upheld in Holy Scripture.


    • Married Virginia Woodruff, September 10, 1857, 2 children.
    • father: David Rodes
    • mother: Martha (Yancey) Rodes
    • spouse: Virginia Woodruff
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    Born March 29, 1829


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