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Harrison Evans Evans Salisbury

Harrison Evans Salisbury, American writer. Recipient Distinguished Achievement medal University Minnesota, 1955, Pulitzer prize for international correspondent, 1955, George Polk Memorial award foreign reporting, 1957, 67, Sigma Delta Chi award foreign correspondent, 1958, Overseas Press Club Asian award, 1967, Sidney Hillman award, 1967.


  • Salisbury, Harrison Evans was born on November 14, 1908 in Minneapolis. Son of Percy Pritchard and Georgiana (Evans) Salisbury.

  • Education

    • Bachelor of Arts Minnesota, 1930. Doctor of Laws, Macalester College, 1967. Doctor of Laws, Ursinus College, 1971.

      Doctor of Laws, Columbia College, Chicago, 1973. Doctor of Laws, Tufts University, 1985. Doctor of Laws, Amherst College, 1985.

      Doctor of Humane Letters, Maryland Institute, 1967. Doctor of Humane Letters, University Portland, 1971. Doctor of Humane Letters, Carleton College, 1976.

      D. Journalism, Assumption College, 1967. Post graduate (Montgomery scholar), Dartmouth College, 1980. Doctor of Laws (honorary), Grandview College, 1980.

      Doctor of Laws (honorary), Dowling College, 1986. Doctor of Laws (honorary), Hofstra University, 1992. Doctor of Laws (honorary), Occidental College, 1992.


    • Reporter Minneapolis Journal, 1928-1929. Correspondent United Press, St. Paul, 1930, later Chicago, Washington and New York City, became London manager, 1943, Moscow, 1944, foreign news editor, 1944-1948. Moscow correspondent New York Times, 1949-1954, member New York staff, 1954-1963, assistant managing editor, 1964-1972, associate editor, 1972-1974, editor Op-Ed page, 1970-1973.


    • Behind the Lines -- Hanoi, December 23, 1966 - January 7, 1967
    • Why did the North Vietnamese admit Harrison Salisbury? How do the people of Hanoi respond to American bombing? Why has the United States left certain targets of obvious military importance untouched while risking inevitable damage to homes and schools in other areas? What made the early months of 1967 a time of special opportunity for peace negotiations? What is the relationship of the North Vietnamese to China and the Soviet Union? To the Vietcong? Is there a risk of world war in the struggle for control of South Vietnam? These and other questions were answered in this book which is also an extraordinary personal narrative.
    • Marooned in Moscow: An American Journalist-Spy Caught In Russia
    • To get into any country by the back door, after having been refused permission to come in by the front way, does not sound like a simple thing to do, yet, as a matter of fact, I accomplished the feat without any great difficulty in February, 1920, when I entered Soviet Russia from Poland.
    • New Emperors: China...
    • This definitive work, based on 20 years of first-hand research and first-person interviews conducted by Pulitzer Prize-winner Salisbury, follows the lives of Mao and Deng from their rural childhood to their triumphant establishment of the People's Republic of China.
    • The 900 Days: The Siege of Leningrad [Japanese Edition]
    • 1941年から1944年にレニングラードの包囲ナチスは第二次世界大戦の最も陰惨なエピソードの一つであった。 300万人近くの人々がそれに耐え、その半数が死亡しただけで。 25年間著名ジャーナリストや歴史家ハリソンソールズベリー街ははるかにヒトラーとスターリン両方の恐怖からを持っていた、極悪と生存のこの驚くべき物語をつなぎ合わせ。 The Nazi siege of Leningrad from 1941 to 1944 was one of the most gruesome episodes of World War II.


    Member American Academy and Institute Arts and Letters (president 1975-1976), Authors League (president 1980-1985), Century Association (New York City), National Press Club (Washington), Theta Delta Chi, Sigma Delta Chi.


    • Married Mary Hollis, April 1, 1933 (divorced). Children: Michael, Stephan. Married Charlotte Y. Rand, 1964.
    • father: Percy Pritchard Salisbury
    • mother: Georgiana (Evans) Salisbury
    • spouses: Mary Hollis
    • Charlotte Y. Rand
    • children: Michael Salisbury
    • Stephan Salisbury
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    Born November 14, 1908
    Died July 5, 1993
    (aged 84)
    • 1930
      University Minnesota
    • 1967
      Macalester College
    • 1971
      Ursinus College
    • 1973
      Columbia College
    • 1985
      Tufts University
    • 1985
      Amherst College
    • 1967
      Maryland Institute
    • 1971
      University Portland
    • 1976
      Carleton College
    • 1967
      Assumption College
    • 1980
      Dartmouth College
    • 1980
      Grandview College
    • 1986
      Dowling College
    • 1992
      Hofstra University
    • 1992
      Occidental College
    • 1928 - 1929
      Reporter Minneapolis Journal
    • 1930
      correspondent United Press
    • 1943
      correspondent United Press
    • 1944
      correspondent United Press
      Moscow, Idaho, United States
    • 1944 - 1948
      correspondent United Press
    • 1970 - 1973
      Moscow correspondent New York Times
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