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Government official , Lawyer

Abbot Low Moffat was American government official, lawyer. Bar: New York 1927. Decorated Order du Cambodge (Cambodia); recipient University medal Columbia University, l944, resolution New York State Senate and Assembly, l984.


Moffat, Abbot Low was born on May 12, 1901 in New York City. Son of R. Burnham and Ellen Low (Pierrepont) Moffat.


He graduated from Harvard University in 1923, and from Columbia Law School in 1926.


Assistant United State Attorneys, Office United States Attorney for Southern District New York, New York City, l927-28;clerk, Winter & James, New York City, l928-29;member, New York State Assembly, Albany, l929-43;chief division S.E. Asian affairs, unites states department State, Washington, 1944-1947;special assistant to chief, American Mission for Aid to Greece, Athens, l947-48;chief trade division, Economics Cooperative Administration Mission, London, l948-49;deputy chief mission, Economics Cooperative Administration Mission, London, l949-50;chief mission, Special Technology and Economics Mission to Burma, Rangoon, l950-52;operations officer for Arab states, International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Washington, l954-56;chief, International Cooperation Administration Survey Team to Ghana, Accra, l957-58;chief mission, United States Operations Mission to Ghana, Accra, l958-60. International Cooperation Administration member Far Eastern Security Evaluation Team to Seoul, 1960-1961. Advisor to the United States delegate United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration, 1943.

United States representative Far Eastern committee United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration Council, Lapstone, NSW, Australia, 1945. Advisor to the United States delegate South Pacific Conference, Canberra, Australia, 1947. Principal United States observer African Railway Conference, Lisbon, Portugal, 1949.


  • Bar: New York 1927.


Special counsel New York City Charter Revision Committee, l935. Delegate-at-large New York State Constitutional Convention, l938. Member Township Committee, Princeton, New Jersey, l973-76.

Chairman Borough Traffic Advisory Committee, Princeton, l986-88. Member Harvard Club (New York City), Nassau Club.


Married Marion Adams. Children: Burnham, Nancy Moffat Lifland, Jane Kerin.

R. Burnham Moffat

Ellen Low (Pierrepont) Moffat

Marion Adams

Burnham Moffat

Nancy Moffat Lifland Moffat

Jane Kerin Moffat