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philosophy education


COAS, IU Bloomington

SNS pisa


2008-current: senior lecturer, University of KwaZulu Natal, The school of ethics and philosophy

2006 (from 08/2006-Jan 2007) ad. Professor, Wake Forest University, Department of Philosophy

2004-2008: Visiting Scholar, Philosophy Department, Duke University, with teaching responsibilities

2003: invited lecturer THE SCHOOL OF GOVERNANCE, UNIVERSITY OF DURBAN WESTVILLE, department of philosophy (KwaZulu, Natal, The Republic of South Africa)

2002 Invited professor ENST (Ecole Nationale Sup de Telecommunication), Paris

2002- Associated at the Institute Jean Nicod, current

2001-2002 Universite Paris-X at Nanterre, CC (philosophy dept.)

2001-2002 Almaweb, University of Bologna, Italy, Invited Faculty within the MBA devoted to the sciences of communication.

1999-2001 Faculty member, dept Technologie et Sciences de l’Homme,

Université de Technologie de Compiegne 1999-2001

2000 Invited professor, Summer School, the Philosophy program Bogazici Universitesi, Istanbul

1994-1998 Associate Professor, Institute of Philosophy/ Centre for Cognitive Sciences,

National Chung-Cheng University, Taiwan, R.O.C.

1992-1994 Assistant Professor, Philosophy dept. Bogazici University, Istanbul

1992-1993 Associate Researcher, MRT (French Ministry of Research and


1990 -Associe (researcher position), CREA/ECOLE POLYTECHNIQUE, Paris


1990-1991 Visiting professor, Philosophy dept. Geneva University

1990 Mahlon-Powell research assistant, Indiana University, Bloomington, Philosophy dept.

1989 Visiting Lecturer, Indiana University, Bloomington, In.

1987-1988 Associate Instructor, Indiana University-Purdue University at


1982-1986 Associate Instructor, Indiana University, Bloomington, Philosophy dept.