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Agrippina Iakovlevna Vaganova

ballet teacher

Agrippina Vaganova, USSR Ballet teacher.


Vaganova, Agrippina was born on June 26, 1879 in Petersburg.


Studied at the Petersburg Theatre School with P. Gerdt, O. Preobrazhenskaia and A. Oblakov, 1897.


Danced with the corps de ballet of the Mariinskii Theatre, and soon became a soloist. Strict follower of the classical teaching of Marius Petipa andN. Legat. In 1916, gave up dancing and became a teacher at the Leningrad Choreography School, which was given her name after her death.

Created at least 2 generations of top dancers, including such internationally-known names as Galina Ulanova, N. Dudinskaia, I. Kolpakova and Natalia Makarova. From 1931-1937, artistic director of the Kirov Ballet Theatre, Leningrad. From 1946, professor.