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Aleksandr Danilovich Aleksandrov Edit Profile

administrator , philosopher of science

Aleksandr Danilovich Aleksandrov, Philosopher of science; administrator.


Aleksandrov, Aleksandr Danilovich was born on July 22, 1912 in Riazan’ province, Russia.


University of Lenigrad.


1933-1952, University of Leningrad. 1952-1964, Rector, University of Leningrad;from 1964, Professor, Novosibirsk University, and member, Novosibirsk Institute of Mathematics.


  • Other Work

    • Main publications:(1951) 'Ob idealizme v matematike' [On idealism in mathematics], Priroda [Nature] 7: 3-11

    • 8: 3-9.(1953) 'Po povodu nekotorykh vzgliadov na teoriiu otnositel’nosti' [Apropos of certain views of the theory of relativity], Voprosy fdosofii [Problems of Philosophy] 5: 225-45.(1957) ‘Dialektika i nauka’ [Dialectics and science], Veslnik Akademii nauk SSSR 6: 3-17.(1959) ‘Fiiosofskoe soderzhanie i znachenie teorii otnositel'nosti' [The philosophical content and significance of the theory of relativity], Voprosy fdosofii [Problems of Philosphy 1: 67-84].Secondary literature:Graham. Loren R. Science and Philosophy in the Soviet Union, New York: Alfred A. Knopf

    • revised second edition. Science, Philosophy, and Human Behavior in the Soviet Union, Columbia University Press, 1987 (bibliography and discussion).


An internationally renowned mathematician, Aleksandrov played an influential role in the Soviet debates concerning the relation between dialectical materialism and the sciences in the 1950s. Fully accepting dialectical materialism as the correct worldview and a valuable scientific methodology, he none the less was a leader in the defence of quantum theory and relativity theory against the attacks of Marxist-Leninist dogmatists. He argued that those theories, far from denying the objective reality of the material world, as some claimed, actually confirmed the materialist outlook and established its relevance to science.

It was largely through the efforts of Aleksandrov, V. A. Fock and others that Soviet theoretical physics survived the ideological assaults of the time. Aleksandrov was also noted for his support of science as Rector of University of Lenigrad. where genetics was reintroduced into the curriculum as early as 1957.


  • Other Interests

    Philosophy of physics. Dialectical materialism. Principles of geometry.