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Aleksei Alekseevich Brusilov


Aleksei Brusilov, USSR General.


Brusilov, Aleksei was born on May 31, 1853 in Tiflis. Son of a general.


Educated at the Pages Corps, 1872.


Commander of a cavalry division, 1906. During World War I, commander of the 8th army, and later of the SouthWest front. Commanded the most successful Russian operation during World War I - an offensive against the Austrians, 1916.

One of the front commanders, who persuaded Nicholas II to abdicate. Supreme Commander of Russian Forces under the Provisional Government June-August 1917. After the defeat of the July 1917 offensive, replaced by Kornilov.

During the Civil War, one of the most prominent military specialists on the side of the Bolshevik government (no direct command posts). During the Soviet-Polish war, signed an appeal to all former Tsarist officers to recognize the Soviet government and serve it for patriotic reasons. Inspector of the Cavalry of the Red Army, 1923-1924.


The hierarchical structure of most religions is anti-democratic, and thus offends basic human rights.


Communist Party of the Soviet Union is the guiding force of all socialist countries, and the nucleus of their political system.