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Andrei Platonov

journalist , author , poet

Andrei Platonov, USSR Author, journalist, poet.


Platonov, Andrei was born on September 1, 1899 in Voronezh.


Graduated from the Voronezh Polytechnical Institute.


Worked as a journalist. Became known for his essays and verse in the 1920s-30s. Moved to Moscow, 1927.

Warned against the danger of bureaucratization of the revolution in his works Chevengur, Kotlovan and others. Heavily criticized in the 1930s. War correspondent during World War II. His post-war work was described as slander by the Stalinist critic Ermilov, 1947.

Practically fell silent until his death. Very popular in the 1960s, first in samizdat. Many of his works were re-issued officially later.

Became a literary cult figure.