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Andrey Lvovich KURSANOV

plant physiologist and biochemist

Andrey KURSANOV, USSR Plant physiologist and biochemist. Full member, since 1953 and Presidium member since 1960, USSR Academy of Science; Director, Institute of Plant Physiology, USSR Academy of Science, since 1952. Order of Lenin; Order of Red Banner of Labor; medals.


KURSANOV, Andrey was born in 1902. Son of well-known botanist Professor L. I. Kursanov.


1926 graduated Moscow University.


1946 corrcsp. member, USSR Academy of Science. Main works deal with plant metabolism. Established relation of carbon dioxide assimilation to outflow of plastic matter from leaves.

Studied action of enzymes in live plant and carbon dioxide assimilation of root system. 1940 started systematic research on tea leaf tannins, important as a control in tea handling and processing. Works on photochemistry, enzymology and physiology of diseased plants.

Studied metabolism in biological media devoid of cell structure. Studies plant reaction to environment to prove the primacy of environment over generic principle. Worked at Research Institute of Sugar Industry.

1935 at Institute of Biochemistry, USSR Academy of Science. 1929-1938 simultaneously instructor, Moscow Timiryazev Agriculture Academy. Since 1944 instructor, Moscow University.


  • The Reversible Action of Enzymes in Living Plant Cells 1940, Synthesis and Transformation of the Tannins in Tea Leaves 1953, In France and W. Africa 1956, The Root System as an Organ of Metabolism 1957, The Interaction of Physiological Processes in Plants 1960, Metabolism and the Transport of Organic Substances in the Phloem 1963, Competition of Sugars for Penetrations into Cells 1964, Biochemical basis of transport and accumulation of Sucrose in the Sugarbeet plant, Translocations of Assimilates in the Plant (monograph) 1976, Scientist and Auditorium 1982, Assimilate Transport in Plants 1984.


Ljubov V. Kursanova