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Andrey Alekseevich TROFIMUK

Oil geologist

Andrey TROFIMUK, USSR Oil geologist. Full member, USSR Academy of Science, and Department Chairman.


TROFIMUK, Andrey was born on August 16, 1911 in Khvetkovichi, USSR (now Republic of Belarus). Son of Aleksey Ustinovich Trofimuk and Yelizaveta Onisimovna.


1933 graduated Kazan University.


1933-1953 associate, 1953-1955 Deputy Director and 1955-1957 Director, All-Union Petroleum and Gas Research Institute. 1953-1958 corresponding member, USSR Academy of Science. Specialist in tectonics and petroleum deposits of Volga-Ural petroliferous region.

Has supervised extensive geological prospecting work in this region. Is working on methods of boosting the extraction of oil from limestone collectors and on the development and introduction of contour flooding.


  • On the Nature of Ishimbaevo Oil-Bearing Limestone Massifs 1936, An Outline of Tectonics and Oil Content of Volga-Ural Region 1939, Oil Content of Paleozoic Beds of Bashkiria 1950, Conditions of Formation of Oil Deposits of Ural-Volga Oil-Bearing Region 1955, Gas Resources of the USSR 1959, Oil and Gas Content of Siberian Platform 1960, Gas-Bearing Prospects of the USSR 1963, Geology and Oil and Gas Content of West Siberian Lowland, a New Oil-Bearing Province of the USSR 1960, Oiland Gas-Bearing Basins of the USSR 1964, Tectonics and Oil and Gas-Bearing prospects of Platform Regions of Siberia (with Yu. A. Kosygin) 1965, Some Questions on the Theory of Organic Origin of Oil and the problem of Diagnostics of OilSource Beds (with A. E. Kontorovich) 1965, On the Methods of Calculation of Prognostic Reserves of Oil 1966, Geology of Oil and Gas of Western Siberia (co-author) 1975, Oil and Gas Geology of Siberian Platform 1981, The Ways of Gas Hydrate Deposits Exploration 1982 (co-author), Nature Factor of Fossil Organic Matter Transformation (co-author) 1982, NepskoBotubinskaya arch, 1986.


Member, Communist Party, since 1941.


Yelizaveta Onisimovna