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Arthur Edward Johnstone Edit Profile

also known as Arthur Edward Jessel


Arthur Edward Johnstone, British composer.


Ethnicity: He was born Arthur Edward Jessel on 13 May 1860 at St Mary Paddington, Middlesex, in the Kensington District, in England but his parents changed their names to Johnstone when they moved to Chicago by 1870.

Johnstone, Arthur Edward was born on May 13, 1860 in London, England. Son of Frank E. and Minnie (DeFries) Johnstone. He was born in St Mary Paddington, Middlesex, England as Arthur Edward Jessel in Paddington St Mary, but the districts have changed so Paddington in now in Essex. His parents changed their names by the time they had moved to Chicago in the 1870's.

Edward Jessel became Frank Edward Johnstone.

Rosetta DeFries became Mrs. Minnie A (DeFries) Johnstone

Arthur Edward Jessel became Arthur Edward Johnstone.


Was brought to America, 1868. Educated College City of New York. Studied piano with Doctor William Mason, and organ and theory with Samuel Prowse Warren and higher composition with Doctor Leopold Damrosch.


Has made a specialty of composition including piano methods and music for Public school text books. Won medal, 1902, for best original setting of America,” offered by Society of the Cincinnati. Composer, with Harvey Worthington Loomis, of all the music (6 books) comprising the Foresman System of Pianoforte Instruction,” an innovation, utilizing the modern player piano as a means of teaching how to play the piano by hand.

Also with same, Lyric Music Series, 4 vols. Was executive editor Art Publication Society, director Progressive Series Teachers College and professor of harmony and lecturer on music appreciation, Washington University summer sessions. Now teaching harmony, composition and piano.

Address: 21 N. Franklin St., Wilkes-Barre PA*‡.


Married Clara Archer Butler, June 28, 1885. Clara Archer Butler was born 1867 in Pillgwenlly, Monmouth, Wales to Dr John Butler, an Irishman and Agnes Clara Hull Archer, Connecticut born.

Frank E. Johnstone

Clara Archer Butler

John Butler Johnstone - Advertising professional

He was born 19 January 1893 in Newark, New Jersey to Arthur Edward Johnstone, formerly Jessel and Clara Archer Butler.