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Astrid Lindgren Edit Profile

also known as Astrid Eriksson


Astrid Lindgren is a swedish children writer. After having the breakthrough as an author, Astrid made a career in the publishing world as well. She was responsible for the distribution of children


Lindgren, Astrid born in Vimmerby, 70 mi ( 110 km ) s. of Norrkoping; children's book editor, Raben and Sjogren Publishers, Stockholm 1946_70; many awards.


Doctorate (hon.), University Link├╢ping, 1973; Doctorate (hon.), University Leicester, 1978; Doctorate (hon.), University Warsaw, 1989


After 1923 she joined a newspaper as a volunteer for which she worked for two years. In 1944 Lindgren won the second prize in a contest held by the newly founded publishing house Rab


  • In its entry on Scandinavian fantasy, The Encyclopedia of Fantasy named Lindgren the foremost Swedish contributor to modern children's fantasy.

    A scandal took place in Sweden in 1976 when Lindgren's marginal tax rate was revealed to have risen to 102%. It was known as the "Pomperipossa effect" from a story she published in Expressen, on 3 March 1976. This gave growth to a violent tax debate. In the parliamentary election later in the same year the Social Democrat government failed for the

    first time.

  • In 1963 Astrid became the first author of childrenäs book which was chosen in Samfundet de Nio.

  • Fellow International Institute Arts and Letters (Gabrielle Mistral prize 1996).


  • book

    • A Calf for Christmas

    • Brenda Helps Grandmother

    • The Children on Troublemaker Street

    • Christmas in Noisy Village

    • Christmas in the Stable

    • Circus Child

    • The Day Adam Got Mad

    • Dirk Lives in Holland

    • The Dragon With Red Eyes

    • Gerda Lives in Norway

    • Emil and the Bad Tooth

    • Emil and His Clever Pig

    • Emil Gets into Mischief

    • Emil in the Soup Tureen

    • Emil's Little Sister

    • Emil's Pranks

    • Emil's Sticky Problem

    • The Ghost of Skinny Jack

    • Happy Times in Noisy Village

    • I Don't Want to Go to Bed

    • I Want a Brother or Sister

    • I Want to Go to School Too

    • Kati in America

    • Kati in Italy

    • Kati in Paris

    • Lotta

    • Lotta's Bike

    • Lotta's Christmas Surprise

    • Lotta's Easter Surprise

    • Lotta Leaves Home

    • Lotta on Troublemaker Street

    • Markos Lives in Yugoslavia

    • Markos Lives in Yugoslavia

    • Marje to the Rescue

    • Matti Lives in Finland

    • Mirabelle

    • Mischievous Martens

    • Mischievous Meg

    • Most Beloved Sister

    • My Nightingale Is Singing

    • My Swedish Cousins

    • My Very Own Sister

    • Nariko-San, Girl of Japan

    • Noby Lives in Thailand

    • Rasmus and the Vagabond (aka Rasmus and the Tramp)

    • The Red Bird

    • The Runaway Sleigh Ride

    • Scrap and the Pirates

    • Simon Small Moves In

    • Springtime in Noisy Village

    • That's Not My Baby

    • The Tomten

    • The Tomten and the Fox

    • The World's Best Karlson

    • Kajsa Kavat

  • book for children

    • The Pippi Longstocking series

    • Karlsson-on-the-Roof series

  • book for girls

    • Britt-Mari lättar sitt hjärta, 1944

  • childrenäs fantasy novel

    • The Brothers Lionheart

  • children book

    • Emil of Lönneberga

    • Madicken

    • Seacrow Island

    • The Six Bullerby Children / The Children of Noisy Village

    • Mio, my Mio

  • children fantasy book

    • Ronia the Robber's Daughter

  • detective story for children

    • The Bill Bergson series

  • ищщл

    • Sea Crow Island

    • Siva Lives on Kilimanjaro


In 1976, a scandal arose in Sweden when Lindgren's marginal tax rate was publicized to have risen to 102%. This was to be known as the "Pomperipossa effect" from a story she published in Expressen, on 3 March 1976. The publication led to a stormy tax debate. In the parliamentary election later in the same year the Social Democrat government was voted out for the first time. Supported children's and animal rights, and opposed to corporal punishment.


  • Fellow International Institute Arts and Letters (Gabrielle Mistral prize 1996).


  • Writers

    She read everything with pleasure, among the favorite books are e Treasure Island, The Little Princess and Daddy Longlegs. Later in life she read a lot of poetry, philosophy, historic novels and biographies. Swedish poets: Nils Ferlin, Harry Martinson and P

  • Other Interests

    Liked to travel. In addition, Lindgren supported children's and animal rights, and opposed to corporalpunishment.


Samuel August - Sweden - farmhand

Hanna Johnsson

Stina Lindgren - Sweden - writer

Ingergerd - Sweden - writer

Gunnar - Sweden - Member of Parliament , writer

Sture Lindgren - Sweden - director

In 1931 Astrid married her boss, Sture Lindgren (1898–1952). Three years later, in 1934, Lindgren gave birth to her second child, Karin. After her birth Astrid fully dedicated herself to the family.

Lars - Sweden

At the age of eighteen Astrid was pregnant with the chief editor's child. She wanted neither live together with the child’s father nor stay in Vimmerby. In 1926 the editor proposed to Astrid, but she said no and moved to Stockholm, where she enrolled in the typing and stenography course. Then she gave birth to her son, Lars, and left him in the care of a foster family for 3 years. Later he moved to his grandparents in Vimmerby.

Karin Lindgren - Sweden - translator

best friend:
Anne-Marie Fries


Elsa Olenius

jury member at Rabén & Sjögren

Marianne Eriksson

Astrid's assistant

Kerstin Kvint

Astrid’s personal secretary

Margareta Strömstedt