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Belle Boyd Edit Profile

also known as Nina Benjamin

actor , spy

One of the most famous of Confederate spies, Belle Boyd served the Confederate forces in the Shenandoah Valley.


She died while touring the western United States. She is buried in the Spring Grove Cemetery in Wisconsin Dells.


Despite her family's lack of money, Belle received a good education. After some preliminary schooling, she attended the Mount Washington Female College of Baltimore at the age of 12. She completed her training at the age of sixteen, her family and friends arranged a debut in Washington. She became a fun-loving debutante.


She operated her spying operations from her fathers hotel in Front Royal, providing valuable information to Generals Turner Ashby and "Stonewall" Jackson . The latter general then made her a captain on his staff. As such she was able to witness troops reviews. Betrayed by her lover, she was arrested on July 29, 1862, and held for a month in the Old Capitol Prison in Washington. Exchanged a month later, she was in exile with relatives for a time but was again arrested in June 1863 while on a visit to Martinsburg. On December 1, 1863, she was released, suffering from typhoid, and was then sent to Europe to regain her health. The blockade runner she attempted to return on was captured and she fell in love with the prize master, Samuel Hardinge, who later married her in England Hardinge attempted to reach Richmond, was detained in Union hands, but died soon after his release. While in England Belle Boyd Hardinge had a stage career and published Belle Boyd in Camp and Prison.


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    • Belle Boyd in Camp and Prison




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    "my interest was in studying battlefields" Belle Boyd

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