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Charles Smith Mills


Charles Smith Mills, American clergyman. Member Society Mayflower Descendants, Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Delta Phi, S.A.R.


Mills, Charles Smith was born on January 17, 1861 in Brockton, Massachusetts, United States. Son of Review Charles Lewis and Rebecca Bartlett (Smith) Mills.


Bachelor of Arts, Amherst, 1882, Doctor of Divinity, 1907. Hartford Theological Seminary, 1882-1884, Andover Theological Seminary, 1884-1885, graduate 1885. Doctor of Divinity, Oberlin, 1901.


Ordained Congleton ministry, July 2, 1885. Pastor Springfield, Vermont, 1885-1888, First Church, N. Brookfield, Massachusetts, 1888-1891, Pilgrim Church, Cleveland, O., 1891-1905, Pilgrim Church, St. Louis, 1905-1912, First Church, Montclair, New Jersey, 1912-1920. Trustee Oberlin College, 1896-1917, Hartford Theological Seminary, 1906-1917.

President Congressional Home Missionary Society, 1906-1910. Member Congressional communications of Nineteen on Polity, 1910-1913. Member Congressional Commision on Missions, 1915-1920 and 1928-1934, chairman, 1929-1931.

Chairman Pilgrim Memorial Fund Commission, 1917-1920, general secretary, 1920-1928. Trustee Annuity Fund for Congregational Ministers, 1913-1920 and since 1928, general secretary, 1920-1928, president, 1928-1939. Trustee and president Retirement Fund for Lay Workers (Congregational), 1930-1939.

Director Congressional Board Ministerial Relief, 1913-1920 and 1928-1934, general secretary, 1920-1928, and member administrative committee, 1928-1934. Director Congressional Home Bds., 1928-1934. Member Corporation for National Council of Congressional Churches since 1918, secretary, 1920-1923.

Acting pastor First Church of Christ, Hartford, 1928-1930. President Hartford Federal Churches, 1934-1938.


Member Society Mayflower Descendants, Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Delta Phi, S.A.R. Clubs: Thorndike (Jaffrey, N.H.).


Married Alice Morris, June 17, 1885 (died May 21, 1937). Children: Margaret Morris (deceased), Charles Morris.

Review Charles Lewis Mills

Rebecca Bartlett (Smith) Mills

Alice Morris

Margaret Morris Mills (deceased)

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