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Charles S. Wilkes Edit Profile

Insurance company executive

Charles S. Wilkes, American insurance company executive.


Wilkes, Charles S. was born on December 25, 1920 in Montgomery, Alabama, United States. Son of Frank Cornelius and Evie (Boutwell) Wilkes.


Bachelor of Science, Sanford U., 1947.


With Old Republic Life Insurance Company, Chicago, from 1948, administrative vice president, secretary, 1960-1973, treasurer, 1962, senior vice president, from 1973. Secretary Old Republic Life Insurance Company New York, from 1964, senior vice president from 1973. Vice president assistant secretary, director Old Republic Insurance Company, Greensburg, Pennsylvania, from 1955.

Vice president assistant secretary, director Motorists Beneficial Insurance Company, Chicago, 1961. Treasurer assistant secretary Old Republic Lloyds Texas, Dallas, from 1966. Senior vice president, treasurer, director Old Republic International Corporation, from 1969.

Treasurer assistant secretary, director Home owners Life Insurance Company, from 1971.


Served with United States Army Air Force, 1942-1945.


Frank Cornelius Wilkes

Evie (Boutwell) Wilkes