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American zoologist, was born in Stamford, Conn., June 1, 1866. He graduated from the Polytechnic Institute in Brooklyn, N.Y., in 1886. In 1889 he received a B.A. degree from Harvard University and then continued his studies there.


Davenport, Charles Benedict was born on June 1, 1866 in Stamford, Connecticut, United States. Son of Amzi B. and Jane Joralemon (Dimon) Davenport.


Bachelor of Science, Polytechnic Institute, Brooklyn, 1886. Bachelor of Arts, Harvard, 1889, A.M., Doctor of Philosophy., 1892.


Engineer survey of Duluth, S. Shore & Atlantic Railway, 1886-1887. Assistant zoölogy, 1888-1890, instructor, 1891-1899, Harvard. Assistant professor zoölogy and embryology, 1899-1901, associate professor and curator Zoöl.

Museum, 1901-1904, University of Chicago. Director department of genetics, Carnegie Institution, comprising Station for Expermental Evolution, 1904-1934, and Eugenics Record office, 1910-1934, Cold Spring Harbor, New York. Director Biological Laboratory, Brooklyn Institute Arts and Sciences, 1898-1923.

Major Sanitary corpus, United States army, in charge of anthropology, 1918-1919. Asson. editor Journal Experimental Zoölogy since 1898, Journal of Physical Anthropology since 1918, Genetics since 1916, and others.


Fellow American Academy Arts and Sciences, American Association for the Advancement of Science (vice-president 1900-1901, 1925-1926), New York Zoöl. Society; member National Academy Sciences, American Philosophical Society, American Society Zoölogists (president 1902-1903, 29-30), American Genetic Association, American Society Naturalists (secretary 1899-1903, vice president 1906), Society Experimental Biology and Medicine, Eugenics Research Association (honorary president, 1937), New York Academy of Medicine (associate) Galton Society (president 1918-1930), National Institute of Social Sciences (gold medal, 1923), Long Island Biological Association (secretary), International Federation of Eugenic Organizations (president 1927-1932), Anthropologische Gesellschaft in Wien, Kaiserlieh Deutsche Akademy Naturforscher (Halle), Berliner Gesellschaft für Anthropologie, Ethnologie und Urgeschichte (correspondent. Member), Academy Royale de Belgique.


Married Gertrude Crotty, June 23, 1894. Children: Mistress.