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Editor , educator , translator , poet

Clayton Eshleman, American poet, translator, editor, educator.


Eshleman, Clayton was born on June 1, 1935 in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States. Son of Ira Clayton and Gladys Maine (Spencer) Eshleman.


Bachelor in Philosophy, Indiana University, 1958. Master of Arts in Teaching. in English Lit, Indiana University, 1961.


Instructor in English University Maryland Far Eastern Division, Taiwan, Korea and Japan, 1961-1962. Teacher English language program Matsushita Electric Corporation, Osaka, Japan, 1962-1964. Instructor American Language Institute, New York University, 1966-1968, School Critical Studies, California Institute Arts, 1970-1972.

Teacher 20th century world poetry and creative writing private workshop Sherman Oaks, California, 1973. Instructor contemporary American poetry American College in Paris, 1974. Lecturer advanced poetry workshop extension University of California at Los Angeles, since 1975.

Dreyfuss lecturer in creative writing California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, 1979-1984. Professor creative writing, department English, Eastern Michigan University, since 1986. Participant poetry in the schools program, New York City, 1967, Los Angeles, 1974-1975.

Consultant, board directors Coordinating Council Literature Magazines, 1968-1971. Co-organizer North America Poetry Circuit, 1969.


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    • Recorded poetry, translations, Station KBCA, New York City, 1964, Station KPFK, Los Angeles and San Francisco, 1968. Author numerous books, the most recent being, Bearings, 1971, Altars, 1971, The Sanjo Bridge, 1972, Coils, 1973, Human Wedding, 1973, Aux Morts, 1974, Realignment, 1974, Portrait of Francis Bacon, 1975, The Gull Wall, 1975, The Woman Who Saw Through Paradise, 1976, Grotesca, 1977, The Name Encanyoned River, 1977, Core Meander, 1977, What She Means, 1978, Nights We Put The Rock Together, 1980, The Lich Gate, 1980, Our Lady of the Three-pronged Devil, 1981, Hades In Manganese, 1981, Fracture, 1983, Selected Poems 1960-1985, 1986, Antiphonal Swing: Selected Prose 1962-1987, 1988, Mistress Spirit, 1988, Novices: A Study of Poetic Apprenticeship, 1988. Contributing author: Erotic Poetry, 1963, Contemporary Latin American Literature, 1970, The Voice that is Great within Us, 1970, Doors and Mirrors, 1972, Messages, 1973, Open Poetry, 1973, America A Prophecy, 1973, Giant Talk, 1975.

      Translator: Residence on Earth (Pablo Neruda), 1962. (with Denis Kelly) State of the Union (Aimé Césaire), 1966. Human Poems (César Vallejo), 1968.

      Artaud The Mômo (Antonin Artaud), 1972. Letter to André Breton (Antonin Artaud), 1974. (with José Rubia Barcia) Spain, Take This Cup From Me (César Vallejo), 1974.

      (with Norman Glass) To Have Done with the Judgment of God (Antonin Artaud), 1975. (with José Rubia Barcia) César Vallejo: The Complete Posthumous Poetry, 1978. (with Annette Smith) Aimé Césaire: The Collected Poetry, 1983.

      Selected poems of Michel Degvy, 1984, Sea-Urchin Harakiri (Bernard Bador), 1985. With Annette Smith) Lost Body (Aimé Césaire), 1986. Conductors of the Pit: Major Works of Rimbaud, Vallejo, Césaire, Artaud and Holan, 1988.

      (with Annette Smith) The Lyric and Dramatic Poetry of Aimé Césaire, 1946-1982, 1988. Editor: Folio, 1959-1960, Sulfur Magazine, 1981-1988. Editor, public: Caterpillar mag, 1966-1973.

      Caterpillar Books series, including At Bottom (Cid Corman), 1967, Sing Song (Paul Blackburn), 1967, Crystals (Frank Samperi), 1967, Definitions (David Antin), 1967, Terms of Articulation (D. Alexander), 1967, The Counted (Robert Vas Dias), 1967, August Light Poems (Jackson MacLow), 1968. Editor, contributing author: A Caterpillar Anthology, 1971.


Married Caryl Reiter, May 21, 1969. 1 child by previous marriage, Matthew.

Ira Clayton Eshleman

Gladys Maine (Spencer) Eshleman

Caryl Reiter