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Danny Glover Edit Profile

actor , politicial activist

Danny Glover is an American actor and politicial activist.


Danny Glover was born on 22 july 1947 in San Francisco, California, United States.


Educated at the American Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco.


After training in San Francisco at the American Conservatory Theatre, Glover worked as follows; Escape from Alcat raz (79, Don Siegel); Chu Chu and the Philltj Flash (81, David Lowell Rich); Out (82, Eli Hollander); Iceman (84, Fred Sehepisi); Places in the Heart (84, Robert Benton); as the husband in The Color Purple (85, Steven Spielberg); Silverado (85, Lawrence Kasdan); a spiffy killer in Witness (85, Peter Weir); Lethal Weapon (87, Richard Donner); Mandela (87, Philip Saville) for TA'; A Raisin in the Sun (88, Bill Duke); Bat 21 (88, Peter Markle); Lethal Weapon 2 (89, Donner); Lonesome Dove (89, Simon Wincer) for TA’; Predator 2 (90, Stephen Hopkins); To Sleep With Anger (90, Charles Burnett), on which he was also executive producer; Flight of the Intruder (91, John Milius); A Rage in Harlem (91, Duke); Pure Luck (91, Nadia Tass); Grand Canyon (91, Kasdan); Lethal Weapon 3 (92, Donner); Queen (93, John Erman) for TA’; and Boplia! (93, Morgan Freeman).

He was in Angels in the Outfield (94, William Dear); Kidnapped (94, Bruce Seth Green); Operation Dumbo Drop (95, Wincer); America’s Dream (96, Duke and Paris Barclay); Gone Fishin’ (97, Christopher Cain); Switchback (97, Jeb Stuart); the judge in The Rainmaker (97, Francis Coppola); Buffalo Soldiers (97, Charles Haid); Lethal Weapon 4 (98, Donner); Beloved (98, Jonathan Demme); the voice of Jethro in The Prince of Egypt (98); Wings Against the Wind (99, Euzhan Palcy); Freedom Song (00, Phil Alden Robinson); Bàttu (00, Cheich Oumar Sissoko); Boesman and Lena (00. John Berry); 3 A M. (01, Lee Davis); The Royal Tenenbaums (01, Wes Anderson).


Glover’s reasonable, professional, and cautious cop in the Lethal Weapon series is vital to the chemistry of the films. Alter all, it is Gibson who plays the outrageous and reckless member of the team. He is the more flamboyant; so maybe lie gets the greater rewards.

Glover has worked steadily for over two decades now, balancing box-office action movies with some genuinely adventurous explorations of black experience. He is easily called solid, commanding, and reliable; yet his strength is in his gentleness. Though well established, he seems worthy of more demanding work than the system has called for, even if he is still short of the leaping imagination of James Earl Jones.