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Dmitrii Ignat’evich Arakishvili

composer , conductor , musical ethnologist

Dmitrii Arakishvili, Composer, conductor, musical ethnologist. Member of the Academy of Sciences of the GSSR, 1950.


Arakishvili, Dmitrii was born on February 23, 1873 in Vladikavkaz (now Ordzhonikidze).


Graduated from the Musical Drama School of the Moscow Philharmonic Society, 1901. Pupil of A. Il’inskii (composition) and V.Kes (conducting). Graduated from the Moscow Archaeological Institute, 1917.


Perfected training as composer under A. Grechaninov, 1910-1911. Influenced by S. Taneev and others. Edited the Moscow periodical Musyka i Zhizn’, 1908-1912.

Travelled in Georgia studying and recording folk music. Moved to Tiflis, 1918. Founded the second conservatory there, 1921 (amalgamated with the Tiflis Conservatory, 1923).

Founded, at the same time, the Muzykalnyi Rabfak (music school for workers). Professor at the Conservatory from 1919 (subjects: History of Music, Theory, Georgian Folk Music). Director of the Conservatory and dean of the Faculty of Composition, 1926-1929.

Doctorate in musical history, 1943. One of the founders of professional Georgian music, creating a classical Georgian lyrical style.


Member of the Academy of Sciences of the GSSR, 1950.