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Edward Sabine Sabine Renwick Edit Profile

engineer , Metallurgist

Edward Sabine Renwick was a mechanical engineer, inventor and patent expert.


His father, James Renwick, Sr., was a Professor of chemistry and physics at Columbia University. His mother, Margaret, was a member of the Brevoort family of New York.


Bachelor of Arts, Columbia, 1839, A.M., 1842.


For the Louisiana political commentator, see Ed Renwick. He lost most of his eyesight while working as a patent examiner. He worked for a time in Wilkes-Barre as an ironmaster, but failed.

He formulated at least 25 inventions over his lifetime, including a combination chicken brooder and incubator, and a self-binding reaping machine. He sued Cyrus McCormick over royalties, but was awarded none. His patent dates stretch from 1850 (age 27) to 1904 (age 81).

It was 104 feet (32 m) long by 15 feet (46 m) wide and 8 feet (24 m) deep. He later settled in Millburn, New Jersey in 1867. He built a large Victorian mansion at 140 Old Short Hills Road which stood until 2001.

He died there in 1912 at the age of 89.


  • One of his greatest achievements was the designing and supervising, with his brother Henry, of a repairing of a break in the bilge of the steamship with a floating caisson, clamped to the hull.


  • Other Work

    • Author: Practical Invention, 1893.


James Renwick

Margaret Anne (Brevoort) Renwick