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Evgenii Ivanovich Zamiatin


Evgenii Zamiatin, USSR Author.


Zamiatin, Evgenii was born on January 20, 1884 in Lebedian’, near Lipetsk.


Educated at Voronezh High School, 1902.


Trained as a shipbuilder at the Petersburg Technological Institute. Took part in the 1905 Revolution. First appeared in print, 1908.

Became widely known with his novel Uezdnoe, 1913, satirizing Russian provincial life. Before the 1917 Revolution, member of the Bolshevik Party. During World War I, sent as a naval engineer to England, March 1916, to inspect ice-breakers ordered for the Russian Navy.

Returned, Sep. 1917. Wrote a satire on England, Ostrovitiane, 1918. After the Revolution 1917, one of the most influential modern writers in Russia. Active as a writer and lecturer on Russian literature during the revolutionary years.

Became profoundly disillusioned, and wrote about the return to caveman existence, coining the famous phrase ‘I am afraid Russian literature has only one future-its past’. In 1920, wrote the anti-utopian novel We (My), which was never published in the USSR (English translation published in the USA, 1924, French publication, 1929), and which may have given Orwell the idea for 1984. Became completely isolated after that, and wrote a personal appeal to Stalin for permission to emigrate, 1931.

Was allowed to go abroad,1932. Settled in France. Defended the position of the writer as an eternal heretic.