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Francis Orlando Wilcox

educator , government official.

Francis Orlando Wilcox, American educator, government official.


Wilcox, Francis Orlando was born on April 9, 1908 in Columbus Junction, Iowa, United States. Son of Francis Oliver and Verna (Gray) Wilcox.


1 daughter, Carol Lenore.


August 1946); 1 daughter, Carol Lenore. Married Virginia Summerlin Sullivan, August 8, 1968. 1 son, Francis Oliver Wilcox.

Bachelor of Arts, Univercity Iowa, 1930, A.M., 1931, Doctor of Philosophy., 1933. Doctor ès sciences politiques, U. Geneva, 1935. Graduate, Institute International Studies, Geneva.

Graduate (fellow 1934-1935), 1933-1935. Fellow, Hague Academy International Law, 1937. Doctor of Laws, University Louisville, 1960, Hamline U., 1960, Dakota Wesleyan University, 1961.

Doctor of Letters, Simpson College, 1964. Teaching assistant political science U. Iowa, 1931-1933. Fellow Carnegie Endowment International Peace, 1933-1934.

Assistant professor political science U. Louisville, 1935-1937, associate professor, 1937-1939, chairman div. social science, 1939-1942. Visiting professor University of Michigan, summer 1941. Fellow General Education Board, University of Chicago, 1940.

Consultant American Council Education, 1941-1943. With Office Coordinator Inter-American Affairs, Washington, 1942. Associate chief Division Inter-American Activities in the United States.

Chief program services section Office Civilian Defense, 1943. International organization analyst bureau of Budget, 1943-1944. Head international relations analyst Library of Congress, 1945-1947.

Chief of staff United States Senate Foreign Relations Committee, 1947-1955. Assistant secretary state, 1955-1961. Dean School Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins, 1961-1973.

Executive director Commision on Organisation of Government for Conduct of Foreign Policy, 1973-1975. Director-general Atlantic Council of the United States, 1975-1984, vice-chairman, 1984-1985. Lecturer international organization George Washington University, 1945-1946.

Lecturer international organization and foreign relations, School Advanced International Studies, Washington, 1946-1952. Director Dreyfus Corporation.


  • Author or co-author books relating to field, also United States government reports, articles in technical jours.


Served as Second lieutenant O.R.C., 1930-1935. Member American Society International Law (Executive Committee 1946-1949, 51-54), American Political Science Association (executive council 1948-1950, board editors American Political Science Review 1952-1956, vice president 1957-1958, Chairman of Commission undergraduate instruction 1946-1948, president Washington branch 1946-1947), Atlantic Council (board directors), Council Foreign Relations, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Omicron Delta Kappa, Sigma Chi.


Married Genevieve C. Byrnes, July 23, 1933 (deceased.; married Virginia Summerlin Sullivan, August 8, 1968.

Francis Oliver Wilcox

Verna (Gray) Wilcox

Genevieve C. Byrnes

Virginia Summerlin Sullivan