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Francisco Javier Yánes Edit Profile


Venezuelan lawyer, politician and historian, one of the authors of the Act of Independence of Venezuela.


Francisco Javier Yanes studied civil law at the University of Caracas, with a BA in 1807.


5 of July and 21 of December of 1811 he was one of the members of the Congress, who signed the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of Venezuela.

As chairman of the Legislature of the Province of Caracas, constituted with the members of Congress of this province, he was accounted for signing, in July of 1811, of the documents, such as the Declaration of the People's Rights and Duties and the First Press Law in Venezuela.

At the same time, the Congress appointed him to be a chief censor (with Antonio Nicolás Briceño as substitute) to monitor Venezuela's publicist, Congress spokesman. Moreover, as a lawyer, he was a member of the committee appointed by this body to draft Civil and Criminal Code. He also was one of the members of the Hall of Justice revising extraordinary statements which in 1811 revolted Valencia against the republican regime. Subsequently, in March of 1812, he was elected to the House of Representatives of the province of Caracas.

In February 1819 Agostura Congress appointed him to the Supreme Court of Venezuela and then President of the Court of Admiralty, which was established on the island of Margarita, where Yanes was already active in the middle of those functions 1820. A few days later when the High Court of Justice settles in Caracas, Yanes serves as one of the ministers.


Francisco Javier Yanes was an active member of the Movement of 19 of April, afterwards he was named representative of Araure party in 1811. In addition, by this time was a member of the Patriotic Society of Caracas.


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