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Frank Darabont Edit Profile

Producer , screenwriter , Film director

Frank Darabont is an American screenwriter, director and producer.


Darabont, Frank was born on January 28, 1959 in Montebeliard, France.


Darabont began as an assistant on Hell Night (81, Tom DeSimone), and he did set decoration on Crimes of Passion (84, Ken Russell). But by then he was writing scripts: A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (87, Chuck Russell); The Blob (88, Russell); The Fly II (89, Chris Wales); and the dreadful Mary Shelleys Frankenstein (94, Kenneth Branagh), which seemingly persuaded some people that he was ready for higher things.

Of course, Shawshank won many awards and nominations, and among the young it often passes for a piece of profound humanism. Times are hard. But Darabont seems impressed by his following—as witness a kind of portentous gradualism that was awaiting him. At a full three hours The Green Mile was all limitless—even to the point where one wondered whether the title referred to the Tom Hanks character’s vexed urinary tract. Again, some were certain The Green Mile was profound. But when The Majestic came along, nothing could be discerned but the fragments of very soulful intentions.


Twice Frank Darabont has drawn upon the writing of Stephen King to make circuitous parables about the mystery of fate in stories set in antiquated prison systems. It’s a kind of genre—frisson turned with prison. It’s not that Darabont lacks skill or warmth, or even a sense of human vagary. The Shawshank Redemption established its own world and rhythm, not to mention charm. Equally, there’s a chance that the very expansiveness of its parable could quickly become vacant and hollow.