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Frank Baldwin Jewett

electrical engineer

Frank Baldwin Jewett, American electrical engineer. Awarded Distinguished Service Medal (United States); 4th Order Rising Sun, 1923, 3d Order Sacred Treasure, 1930 (Japan); Edison medal, 1928; Faraday medal, 1935; Franklin medal, 1936; Washington award, 1938; John Fritz medal, 1939; Medal for Merit, 1946.


Jewett, Frank Baldwin was born on September 5, 1879 in Pasadena, California, United States. Son of Stanley P. and Phebe (Mead) Jewett.


Bachelor of Arts, Throop Polytechnic Institute (now California Institute Technology), 1898. Doctor of Philisophy, University of Chicago, 1902. Doctor of Science, New York University, Dartmouth, 1925, Columbia University and University of Wisconsin, 1927, Rutgers University, 1928, University of Chicago, 1929, Harvard, 1936, University of Pennsylvania, 1940, Boston University, 1944.

Doctor England, Case School of Applied Science, 1928. Doctor of Laws, Miami University, 1932, Rockford College, 1939. Norwich University, 1944, Yale, 1946.


Research assistant to Professor A. A. Michelson, University of Chicago, 1901-1902. Instructor physics and electrical engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1902-1904. Transmission engineer American Telephone & Telegraph Company, 1904-1912.

Assistant chief engineer, 1912-1916, chief engineer, 1916, vice-president, 1922, Western Electric Сompany. Vice president American Telephone & Telegraph Company, in charge development and research 1925-1944. President Bell Telephone Laboratories, Inc., 1925-October 1, 1940, Chairman of the Board 1940-1944.

Major Signal Corps, United States.R., 1917. Lieutenant colonel Signal Corps, A.U.S., December, 1917. Was advisory member Special Submarine Board of the Navy and member State Department Special Committee on Cables.

Vice-chairman Engineering Foundation, 1919-1925. Chairman Division of Engineering and Industrial Research, National Research Council, 1923-1927, now member commission on scientific aids to learning. Member President Roosevelt’s Science Advisory Board, 1933-1935.

Member National Defense Research Committee of Office of Scientific Research and Development. Member coordination and equipment, division, Signal Corps. Consultant to Chief of Ordnance.

President, National Academy of Sciences, since 1939. President and trustee, New York Museum of Science and Industry. Life member Massachusetts Institute Technology Corporation.

President Massachusetts Institute of Technology Alumni Association, 1939-1940. Trustee Princeton University, Carnegie Institution of Washington, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute Tabor Academy, Carnegie Institute of Technology.


  • Author brochures, articles public addresses on physical and electrical subjects.


Fellow Institute Radio Engineers, American Association for the Advancement of Science, American Physical Society, Acoustical Society of America, Academy Arts and Sciences. Member American Institute Electric Engineers (president 1922-1923), Institute Elec. Engineers (British), American Society for Engineering Education, American Philosophical Society.

Member (honorary) New York Electrical Society, Delta Upsilon, Sigma Xi, Tau Beta Pi. Clubs: University, Engineers, Century Association (New York).


Married Fannie C. Frisbie, December 28, 1905. Children: Harrison Leach, Frank Baldwin.

Stanley P. Jewett

Phebe (Mead) Jewett

Fannie C. Frisbie

Harrison Leach Jewett

Frank Baldwin Jewett