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Gerhard COLM


Gerhard COLM, German economist. Bernard Harms Prize, Institute, Institution World Economics, 1964.


COLM, Gerhard was born in 1897 in Hanover, W. Germany.


Dr Rer. Policy Freiburg University, 1921. Dr Rer. Policy h.c. University Frankfurt, 1961, New School Social Research, 1964.


Prominent interwar tax expert who pursued a long and distinguished career in public finance. Economics, Federal State Bureau, Berlin, 1921-1927. Instructor, Assistant Professor, Association Professor, Professor of Economics, Institute, Institution World Economics, Kiel University, 1927-1933.

Professor of Economics, New School Social Research, 1933-1939. Fiscal Expert., Department Commerce, Washington, 1939-1940. Professor Lector, George Washington University, 1940-1962.

Principal Fiscal Analyst, United States Bureau Budget, 1940-1946. Economics, United States President's Council Economics Advisers, 1946-1952. Chief Economics, National Planning Association, 1952-1968.

Special Mission, American Military Government, Germany, 1946.


  • Bernard Harms Prize, Institute, Institution World Economics, 1964.