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Glauco TORLONTANO, Italian Senator.


TORLONTANO, Glauco was born on October 30, 1924 in Pescara, Italy.


Condemned to death by Nazifascists with the Graziani Brigade, 1943. Member Action Party; Leader, FGCI, Pescara, 1944-1948. Elected Senator. Pescara, 1987.

Member Committee on Hygiene and Health. University Professor of Haematology. Head of Research, CNR and MPI.

Specialist and Lecturer in Clinical Medicine, Medical Semeiotics and Haematology. Founder and Director, Specialist School of Haematology, Chieti University, and Pescara Institute of Haematology. Links to Blood Transfusion Centre and Medulla Ossium Transplants Centre, amongst the first in the World (1976).

Organised first Haematology Division, S. Giovanni Rotondo, Foggia. Puglia, with links to transplant of Medulla Ossium Section, unique in the South. Unique Haematology service in Molise, Termoli.

Contributed to training of medical personnel and paramedical staff at Haematology Centres, Transfusion Centres, and Transplant of the Medulla Ossium Centres in Belgrade, Rome, Turin, Milan, Bergamo, Naples, Avellino, Bari, Foggia, Potenza, Palermo, Ragusa. Consultant for Haematological-Transfusion and Transplantation problems, including those related to nuclear accidents, Upper Health Committee. Participated in drafting the National Blood Plan, proposed by the Upper Health Committee.

Coordinator of the anti-AIDS Committee, Region of Abruzzo. Studied new diagnostic and therapeutic methods, resulting in one international and USA patent, with royalties going to the CISMEL (Italian Committee for the Standardisation of Haematological and Laboratory Methods). Founder member and Director of CISMEL.

Studied and isolated new disease ‘Hereditary diseritropoietic ovalocytosis', on physio-pathological, clinical and therapeutic levels. Recognised by International Medical Community. Founder and Member National and International Scientific Society.

Member National Leadership of Italian AntiLeukaemia Association (AIL).


  • Over 250 scientific publications and 10 volumes (of an international character).