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H.E. Violeta Barrios de CHAMORRO

President of Nicaragua and Minister of Defence

H.E. Violeta Barrios de CHAMORRO, President of Nicaragua and Minister of Defence.


CHAMORRO, H.E. Violeta Barrios de was born on October 18, 1929 in Rivas, Nicaragua.


Roman Catholic High School for Girls, San Antonio, Texas, United States of America. Blackstone College, Southside, Virginia, United States of America.


Member of civilian junta after downfall of General Somoza, July 1979. Resigned in 1980 due to disillusionment with new Sandinista government. After death of husband in 1978, she became publisher of La Prensa, using it to oppose the Sandinista government.

Became leader of opposition party, Unión Nacional Opositora (United Nations Organisation), September 1989. Elected President, February 1990, inaugurated April 1990, also became Minister of Defence, 1990. Professional career: Publisher, La Prensa newspaper, since 1978.


Roman Catholic.


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Pedro Joaquin Chamorro Cardenal