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Hans Werner Henze Edit Profile

Composer , conductor

Hans Werner Henze, German composer, conductor.


Henze, Hans Werner was born on July 1, 1926 in Gütersloh, Germany. Son of Franz and Margarete (Geldmacher) Henze.


Doctor of Music, University Edinburgh, 1971.


Artistic director Ballet Hessian State Theatre, Wiesbaden, 1950. Professor composition Mozarteum, Salzburg, 1962—1967, Hochschule Music, Cologne, 1980—1991. Director Accademia Filarmonica Romana, Rome, since 1981, Munich Biennale, 1988, 1990, 1992, 1994, 1996.

President Contemporary Opera Studio English National Opera, since 1996.


  • Henze's output includes opera, ballet, symphonies, chamber music, and vocal music His operas have attracted wide attention and include Boulevard Solitude (1951), a modern treatment of the Manon Lescaut story that amalgamates blues, jazz, and 12-tone passages; Elegy for Young Lovers (1961) ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE `description` = VALUES(`description`); The Young Lord (1965) ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE `description` = VALUES(`description`); The Bassarids (1966), a grand-scaled work to a libretto by Chester Kallman and W. H. Auden that calls for 63 singers and three orchestras; We Come to the River (1976) ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE `description` = VALUES(`description`); and The English Cat (1985).

    His commissions include several by United States ensembles. The New York Philharmonic commissioned his Fifth Symphony in 1962, and the Chicago Symphony commissioned Heliogabalus Imperator, an "Allegoria per musica," premiered in 1973.



Franz Henze

Margarete (Geldmacher) Henze