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Ieoh Ming Pei Edit Profile

also known as I. M. Pei


Ieoh Ming Pei, commonly known as I. M. Pei, is a Chinese-born American architect often called the master of modern architecture.


Pei had come to the United States from China as a young man. He began his career as architect after the Second World War, opening his own office in New York at the age of 38. Since then, with a number of cultural institutions, but also with high-rise buildings, he has attained his declared target "I carry in me the great wish to leave something behind This has nothing to do with ego I believe one owes it to one’s own existence to leave some¬thing behind that will last."


  • Other Work

    • The complex of the Grand Louvre

    • The east wing of the National Gallery of Art in Washington

    • The Bank of China in Hong Kong

    • The German History Museum in Berlin