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IiroTahvo Juhani VIINANEN

minister of finance

IiroTahvo Juhani VIINANEN, Finnish Minister of Finance. The Entrepreneur of the Year (Riihimaki), 1981.


VIINANEN, IiroTahvo Juhani was born on September 27, 1944 in Kuopio, Finland. Parents: Pauli Johannes Viinanen and Eila Hilli Viinanen (née Jokela).


Engineer, 1967; Master of Science(Eng.), 1973.


Member, Riihimaki Town Council, 1976. Chairman, Delegation of the Riihimáki-Hyvinkáá Vocational Training Centre Foundation. Member, Committee for Industry of Harne Province, 1977-1985.

Vice-Chairman, Admin. Board of the Industrial Village of Riihimaki. Member. Admin. Board, RiihimakiHyvinkaa Chamber of Commerce, 1978.

Member. Presidential Electorate, 1982. Member of Eduskunta, since 1983. 1st Vice-Chairman, Riihimaki Town Council, 1985.

Managing Director, Konevalmistamo Oy., 1967-1984 (Manufacture of machinery).


Spouse Pirjo Anneli Johansson, 1967. Children: Kati, Petteri.