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Il’ia Efimovich Repin


Il’ia Repin, USSR Artist.


Repin, Il’ia was born on August 5, 1844 in Chuguev, Khar’kov Oblast’. Son of a military settler.


Studied at the Chuguev School of Military Topography. Pupil of the painter I. Bunakov. Pupil of the painter I. Kramskoi.

Studied at academies in Italy and Paris, 1873-1876.


Portrait, genre and historical painter. Also worked in sculpture. Continued his education at the Petersburg School of Graphic Art of the Society for the Encouragement of Artists, 1863, then at the Academy of Arts, Petersburg, 1864-1871.

From 1878, Peredvizhnik. Returned to his native Chuguev. From 1882, lived in Petersburg.

Most of his paintings are held in the Russian Museum, Leningrad and the Tretiakov Gallery. Lived and died in Kuokkala, Finland (independent after 1917). In 1940, the Il’ia Repin Museum was set up in Chuguev, and in 1958, a monument was erected in Moscow in his honour.

Exhibitions from 1865, with a major exhibition held in Moscow in 1958.