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Ivan Nikitich KOZHEDUB


Ivan KOZHEDUB, USSR Fighter-pilot. Air Force Guards Major-General; Inspector of Flight Training, USSR Air Force, since 1956. thrice Hero of Soviet Union; orders; medals. Member, Communist Party, since 1943.


KOZHEDUB, Ivan was born in 1920 in village Obrazheevka, Sumy Oblast.


Graduated Shostkin Chemical Technology Technicum. Took pilot training at a flying club of USSR Society for the Promotion of Defense, Aviation and Chemical Construction. 1941 graduated Chushchevsk Military Flying School.

1949 graduated Command Faculty, Zhukovsky Air Force Academy. 1956 graduated Voroshilov General Staff Higher Military Academy.


1941-1942 Sergeant; 1942-1945 flew combat missions. June 1943 Junior Lieutenant on Kursk-Orel Flank and in autumn battles on the Dnieper. February 1944 commanded fighter squadron in KorsunShevchenko operation.

May 1944 in YassyKishinev operation and promoted to rank of Captain. Flew combat missions on First Belarusian Front, then on Second Baltic Front as Commander of an air regiment. February 1945 in battles for Berlin promoted to rank of Colonel.

During World War II took part in 330 combat sorties, fought in 120 air battles and shot down 62 enemy aircraft. Deputy, USSR Supreme Soviet of 1946, 1950, 1954 and 1958 convocation. 1941-1942 flight instructor, Chushchevsk Military Flying School.

1942-1945 at the front with USSR Air Force.


Member, Communist Party, since 1943.


Member, Communist Party, since 1943.