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Ivan Alekseevich Vladimirov


Ivan Vladimirov, USSR Artist.


Vladimirov, Ivan was born on January 10, 1870 in Vilnius.


Studied at the I.Trutnev Art School, Vilnius, and the Petersburg Academy of Arts, 1891-1897, under B.Villevalde and A.Kivshenko. Pupil of F. Rubo and E. Detail in Paris.


Battle-painter specializing in historical subjects. War artist/correspondent during the Russo-Japanese war, 1904-1905, the Balkan Wars, 1912-1913, and World War I, 1914-1916. Exhibitions: St. Petersburg Society of Artists, 1894-1896.

Spring Exhibitions of the Academy of Arts, 1897- 1917. TPKHV, 1916, 1918; A. Kuindzhi Society, 1926-1927. Personal exhibition: The War Paintings of I. Vladimirov, 1915.