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Jean Omer Marie Gabriel Monnet


Jean Omer Marie Gabriel Monnet, French political economist and diplomat. In 1919, he became deputy secretary general and financial adviser of the League of Nations. In 1923, he took over and reorganized his father’s brandy business. Afterward, he became an economist and acted as a financial advisor to foreign countries. During WWII he helped unify and modernize Europe. He died on March 16, 1979,


Monnet, Jean Omer Marie Gabriel was born on November 9, 1888 in Cognac, France.


General League of Nations, 1919-1923. General commr.


President of the High Authority of the European Coal and Steel Community, and thus he is known as the "Father of Europe".

In 1943, Monnet became a member of the National Liberation Committee, the French government of De Gaulle in exile in Algiers, designated Commissaire à l'Armement.

He was named patron of the 1980–1981 academic year at the College of Europe, in honour of his accomplishments.