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Ji Pengfei Edit Profile

government official People's Republic of China

Ji Pengfei, government official People's Republic of China.


Pengfei, Ji was born in 1910 in Linyi, Shanxi, China.


Graduate, Military Medical College. Graduate, Xi'an. Joined Communist Party, 1931. Student, Center Party School.

Student, Institute Marxism-Leninism, 1937.


Ambassador People's Republic of China to German Democratic Republic, 1953—1955. Council member Institute Foreign Affairs, 1955. Vice minister foreign affairs, 1955—1971.

Acting minister foreign affairs, 1971—1972. Minister foreign affairs, 1972—1974. Member 10th Center Committee, Chinese Communist Party, 1973, Standing Committee, 1975—1978, secretary general, 1975—1979.

Member 11th Center Committee, 1977, Presidium, Standing Committee, 12th Center Committee, 1982. In charge Hong Kong affairs, 1984. Secretary general standing committee National People's Congress, 1975—1979.

Member political & legal affairs group Center Committee, since 1978. Director International Liaison Department, Center Committee, 1979—1982. Vice-premier State Council, 1979—1982, secretary general, 1980—1981.

State councilor, 1982—1988. With Long March Medical Dept Red Army, 1935, with Army Corps 3d Field Army, 1950.